Starter Replacement

Car Starter Repairs and Replacement Services

Our auto starter repair services help Phoenix residents get back to their routines quickly with less down time.

One of the most impactful types of repairs happens when we address a car’s starter system replacement. Phoenix is a place where we can quickly become very miserable if our vehicles fail to start. Making sure that this specific kind of nightmare is avoided is something we definitely need to take steps to achieve.

Here at Johnston’s Automotive, we want our customers to be well aware of what their vehicles need. This is why we take such great pains to help our customers understand their cars as best as they can. While we certainly don’t expect everyone to be an expert when it comes to auto repair, we want our customers to be better able to plan ahead, especially for something as significant as a car starter replacement. It is for this reason that we have put together the short list of the most important things to think about for starter replacement.

Phoenix mechanic holds burned out starter needing replacement
Car starter replacement performed at Phoenix auto repair shop

Battery – Extreme temperatures can have a devastating effect on your battery. Beyond that, we also need to take into account that a poor connection can cause even a perfect battery to act like it is dead. While we shouldn’t have to worry about your battery on a regular basis, it is an important piece of the puzzle, and one of the first things we check.

Alternator – Directly linked to keeping your battery charged, a properly functioning alternator is extremely important in making sure that when you turn the key, you are never disappointed. Your alternator charges your battery while you drive, and if it goes bad, you have a ticking time bomb on your hand before you are perpetually asking strangers for a jump.

Starter – This is where a great deal of the magic happens. Your vehicle starter is responsible for generating the energy to power the first two strokes of the engine. If your starter has failed entirely, you will get nothing when you turn the key; however, if a certain portion is broken, you can get anything from a hard start or an endless series of attempted turnovers. It is then that a moment of panic rushes over you when you realize your car is useless for the moment. This is when you absolutely need the car starter repair services at Johnston’s Automotive.

While there are several smaller components of your vehicle which contribute to the complexity of getting the engine to turn over, these are the some of the most common that many drivers encounter. Johnston’s Automotive wants to be there for you before you even need car starter repairs/replacement.

We know that our customers want to minimize any nasty surprises when it comes to their cars, and they also need someone they can trust to take care of this. We invite you to contact us if you have any questions regarding your specific vehicle. You will find that our staff is ready and willing to help you with whatever information you require.