Belts & Hoses

Serpentine Belt and Hose Repairs

Prolong the life of your vehicle with routine serpentine belt, timing belt and air intake hose repairs or replacement in Phoenix, AZ

Your car runs on several belts and hoses to operate for everyday function. In many cases, these are made with plastic or rubber, both of which can dry out, crack and become loose. This is especially true in Phoenix, AZ where temperatures are often in triple digits in the warmer months.

Hoses and belts are pivotal to proper working order for your vehicle. In fact, the serpentine belt is what powers many of your engine’s main components. The timing belt is also crucial for your vehicle’s performance. When either of these start to show wear and tear, it can affect how your vehicle operates.

At Johnston’s Automotive, we take great pride in the speed and capability of our technicians to identify the source of the issue, and apply the solution. In fact, every auto technician in-house are ASE Certified Technicians, who have earned their stripes with years of experience and proven their ability time and again. We come highly recommended by many for our quality work at the right price for your needs.

Serpentine belt replacement service at Phoenix auto shop
Dirty hoses with protective coverings hiding a leak

Belt and hose repairs are one of the mainstays of automotive repair. As seasoned veterans of the industry, Johnston’s Automotive is here to provide quality belt and hose inspections for your vehicle. When you come in for any type of vehicle maintenance service, our automotive technicians will inspect the vehicle’s integrity of your belt and hoses and may recommend the repair or replacement of:

  • Serpentine belts
  • Timing belts
  • Power steering belts
  • Air conditioning hoses
  • Radiator hoses
  • Water pump hoses
  • Oil hoses
  • Air duct hose
  • Vacuum line hoses

It helps to understand why even something as rudimentary as vehicle belt and hose repair is so important to get right. The truth is, your vehicle is a two ton mass of mechanical interdependency, and where one component fails, whole systems can quickly be put at risk.

For instance, one of the primary hoses in your vehicle is responsible for transferring heat out of the engine. If this one hose becomes compromised, it can quickly cause a major overheat in the engine and initiate the process of a catastrophic engine failure.

Other belts and hoses require attention from time to time to make sure that your vehicle never experiences a decrease in performance. Inspection of these parts are included in every maintenance check to ensure no damage occurs to other major systems.

We know that not everyone can be an expert when it comes to auto repair. That’s why our staff is available to you no matter how simple or complex, your questions are. If anything, we invite the opportunity for you to test our knowledge. No matter what, we always remember that our customers are first and foremost our friends.