Auto A/C Repair

Car AC Repair in Phoenix

We offer complete auto AC repair and service including the new R1234YF, throughout Phoenix, AZ so you can stay nice and cool all year round.

Arizona is a pretty awful place to be without a solid auto air conditioning system for your car. Johnston’s Automotive wants to help keep you cool, comfortable and safe all year long.

Many vehicle owners are not aware that their auto air conditioning needs annual service. Frequently, we see cases of ignoring warning signs that the automotive A/C and cooling system is in need of servicing until it is in dire need of repairs/replacement. Issues regarding a car’s air conditioning system, if uncovered early, can be repaired before causing harm to other parts of the system.

If your vehicle’s A/C feels like it isn’t running as cold as you would like, it could mean you need a Freon recharge. Freon is like the bloodstream of the AC, and the refrigerant keeps your cabin cool. The best time to get your coolant levels right is just before the heat really kicks in. No one wants to deal with the summer heat in Arizona without cooling comfort.

Complete auto air conditioning system repairs in Phoenix AZ
Johnston’s Automotive provides car air conditioning system checks

The refrigerant system also requires a lubricant to keep your A/C compressor working correctly. If the levels are too low, even for a short time, it can be extremely damaging to the internal components of the compressor. Most cars come equipped with a low pressure switch that turns the compressor on & off and can prevent compressor damage.

In the event your A/C compressor breaks, it may send bits of metal into the remaining components of your car’s A/C system. This can require multiple parts and extensive work to fully repair.

Johnston’s Automotive provides car A/C repairs for Phoenix residents at our local shop. If you feel that your air conditioning system is not working as well as it used to, bring it in for maintenance check. Let us deal with your air conditioning maintenance, and you’ll be riding comfortably all year.