Transmission Repair

Transmission Service in Phoenix

We handle transmission overhaul, rebuild, repair, and any kind of service you might need for your vehicle

Transmission service is something most people now consider a dreaded eventuality. Luckily for drivers in Phoenix AZ, Transmission repair is made affordable by our professional technicians. Not only do we have all the tools necessary for transmission rebuilding, we have our own machine shop to craft the parts you need for a total transmission overhaul.

At Johnston’s Automotive, we are of the mind that transmission repair can be staved off for quite a long time with the proper precautions Surprisingly, most people aren’t aware of the basic guidelines to help them preserve and protect their transmission while driving. The best thing a driver can do to keep their transmission is to pay attention to the transmission fluid.

Transmission fluid is extremely important to the health of your transmission; the fluid not only lubricates but also cools the transmission as it operates. Clean transmission fluid is needed to ensure that everything is well inside the transmission itself, as the transmission works, tiny metal shavings and dirt are circulated inside and can cause transmission failure if the fluid is not changed at the recommended interval.

It is also necessary to ensure that your transmission has the proper level of fluid to operate. Not enough fluid means that it will run hot, degrading the machinery faster than normal. Too much fluid and it will become frothy, which means that the gears cannot be properly lubricated.

Actively paying attention to transmission leaks is another huge part of taking care of your transmission. If you see a red fluid under your vehicle, bring it in for inspection immediately. Catching and correcting small leaks early can extend the life of your transmission for years. We suggest a transmission inspection every 30,000 miles; this will usually include changing out the fluid and checking for any potential problems that could arise in the future. Preventative maintenance does wonders for keeping your vehicle at peak performance for its life cycle and can keep maintenance costs to a minimum over the years.

Though it’s true that your transmission will eventually wear out and need repair, it is possible to make that day a very distant thing indeed. And when your transmission does finally need some professional help, you can rest assured that Johnston’s Automotive will be there to take care of the issues at hand.

Most auto repair shops are forced to farm out this kind of work to a machine shop and wait for the pieces to return. At Johnston’s Automotive, we take care of this process in house so that it’s done right, on our schedule and to specifications. Contact us if you have any questions or need a quote for your transmission repair. Our Staff will be pleased to help with whatever you may need