Belts & Hoses

Belt and Hose Repair in Phoenix

Keeping your belts and hoses in proper working condition is paramount to the life of your vehicle

Just one of the worries that a driver has is to make sure that even the most elementary aspects of maintenance are well taken care of, not the least of these is belt and hose repair. Phoenix can appear to have a surplus of auto repair shops, but one thing that is always in short supply is to find a shop that provides quality work at the right price.

At Johnston’s Automotive, we take great pride in the speed and capability of our technicians to identify the source of the issue, and apply the solution. Belt and Hose Repair is one of the mainstays of automotive repair, and we are seasoned veterans of the industry. This is made apparent by the fact that we use ASE Certified Technicians, who have earned their stripes with years of experience and proven their ability time and again.

If we sound a little proud of our technicians, it’s because we know that as a team, we are only as strong as the weakest link, so we take pains to make sure that every technician in our shop is competent, experienced and always expanding their horizons with new skills and sharpening their existing ones.

In order to fully appreciate why we demand excellence and attention to detail from our technicians, it helps to understand why even something as rudimentary as vehicle belt and hose repair is so important to get right. The truth is, your vehicle is a two ton mass of mechanical interdependency , and where one component fails, whole systems can quickly be put at risk.

For instance, one of the primary hoses in your vehicle is responsible for transferring heat out of the engine, and if this one hose becomes compromised, it can quickly cause a major overheat in the engine and initiate the process of a catastrophic engine failure. Beyond that, there are a myriad of lesser belts and hoses that require attention from time to time to make sure that your vehicle never experiences a decrease in performance or worse yet, damages other major systems so important to staying on the road.

We know that not everyone can be an expert when it comes to auto repair, that’s why our staff is available to you no matter how simple or complex, your questions are. If anything, we invite the opportunity for you to test our knowledge and keep us on our toes with a well phrased and exotic question in the finer points of automotive mechanics. But no matter what, we always remember that our customers are first and foremost our friends.