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Alternator Repair PhoenixThere are few better ways to ensure reliability and increase peace of mind than an Alternator repair. Phoenix is one of the places on planet earth that you definitely do not want to get stranded with a dead car, especially in the hottest months of the year where the heat can legitimately be a danger. Though it may seem like one of the inconsequential pieces of your vehicle, your alternator is one of the components which can make your vehicle something you can rely on. Alternator repairs can Alternator_Repair_Phoenixactually save you quite a bit of cash, if you are able to catch the problems before the issue spirals out of control.

Because it is a complex piece of machinery, alternator replacement can tend to be a little on the expensive side. However, it can be far less expensive to repair some pieces rather than pay for an alternator replacement so if you notice your vehicle experiencing any of the symptoms of a failing alternator, it is wise to have it repaired quickly.

The main reason that the alternator is so important to your vehicle is because it is the component which allows your car battery to recharge while driving. Though this may seem like a small task, fully understanding the importance of it requires an understanding of the electrical charge that is required to actually start a car.

The way the alternator achieves this important job is through a series of conversions that are achieved mechanically. Once the vehicle is started, the alternator belt is actually driven by the engine and creates an alternating current which charges the battery which each revolution.  Here are some of the most common side effects of alternator problems.

  • Stalling Engine – one of the most recognizable symptoms of a failing alternator is the stalling engine. This kind of problem can damage the rest of the vehicle if it is not addressed quickly, so it is far better to get this under control sooner rather than later.
  • Rattling or spinning noise – if the alternator bearings are wearing out, a distinct rattling or spinning noise can is sometimes heard next to the alternator. If you catch this early, than you still have the possibility of salvaging the alternator by simply replacing the bearings. If left unattended, you can damage the alternator belt and run the risk of other classic alternator related problems.
  • Accessory failure – headlights, radio, Dash lights and even the starter can be affected by a faulty alternator. This is usually one of the last warning signs you will get. If possible, drive straight towards help because you may not be able to get the car started again without the help of another car and some jumper cables.

Let’s face it; none of us have ever enjoyed confrontations with vehicle reliability. By paying attention to these early warning signs, you have a much better chance of stopping a real problem before it even happens. At Johnstons, we want to help keep your vehicle reliable, so there are no surprises.

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